"Rebirth is always an act of ambitious humility, because invention represents a challenge to the sloth of those who do not see the value in rethinking the chair. Now and again, talent can overcome this instinct to produce a new object, different and surprising. We no longer look upon it with complacency, but rather, with an inner trembling. Only on looking again, do we recognize that singular rhythm of the familiar....But fresher, unfrayed, as when we first discover in the face of a child the features of his father. That is the moment, as happily fleeting as lightning, when we savour in the object the emotion of the new, set against the feeling that it has always existed." Jose María Faerna

Our mission is centred on offering quality design, based on the criteria of 'comfort and joy', with a focus on customer satisfaction. We bring you products that are at once rational and emotional....innovation emanating from our cultural roots. In terms of production quality, we avail of independent quality certification laboratories.

We are accessible and available to collaborate on your projects brimming with Comfort and Joy!