Gaspar gonzález


Gaspar González was born in Vigo (Pontevedra), and has lived in Madrid, Valencia, Londres, DELFT (Holanda) and Barcelona, where he graduated in 2006 in Product Design by EINA, studying one year in TUDelft (Technical University Delft)

During his university time spend different periods making interships in some studios and ingenieerings like MAZEL INGENIEROS, dedicated to automotive and racing car development, EDDA-estudio de diseño avanzado, an study that works to all areas of design, from engineering, product, animation or packaging. And SINOT DESIGN, product design studio located in LAREN Dutch (Netherlands) ...

Before graduation star to work on JORDI TORRES, study of interior design as product manager, where he completed projects or BISSAZA HANSGROHE. In 2006 he was awarded a scholarship INCUBATOR the FAD, with whom he start to work for ALIS, a firm dedicated to the contract furniture, where he was in charge of the coordination and development of a line of office furniture for a new signature of the company, MOOA. With Curro Claret signed together two products, a screen called DUNA, and a hanger/screen, AMALIA.

DUNA piece was awarded a Red Dot Award in 2008 and was selected for DELTA in 2009 ... notable for its simple design, extremely easy production and high ecological value

In the year 2010 (and after 2 years of development) the company begins production CONCEPTA chair SURPRISE!