The vision for lagranja was born on an island in the Pacific in the summer of 2001. Coming to life a year later in Barcelona, as the brainchild of the creative tandem made up by Gabriele Schiavon and Gerard Sanmartí. Marking the beginning of a creative path and an activity defined by the ability of a team to move freely and master the disciplines of design, architecture and ephimeral installation projects.

At Lagranja theory goes hand in hand with practice. We learn by doing, listening to both instinct and reason. The only style is the attitude and energy that emanates from a project: optimistic, full of vitality and concern for people. Design that is never self-referential or self-satisfied, whose objective is an idea of a project free from conceptual obstacles: eclectic and versatile, capable of moving between different disciplines and typologies.

Lagranja is integrated by a multidisciplinary team and is structured in 3 departments:

Interior Design, Product Design, and Ephemeral Design Projects.

Among Lagranja´s most significant works and proyect tipologies are:

Institutional Projects: The International Olympic Comittee, The Barcelona City Council,
La Caixa Foundation, Caixa Catalunya Foundation, Ministero Dei Beni Culturali (Italy),
Doctors without Borders (MSF Spain)
Product design projects for prestigious design firms:
Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Foscarini, Metalarte, Poltrona Frau, Pallucco, Marset, Inlight, Roca,
Santa& Cole, Gandia Blasco…

Projects for retail and hospitality:

Camper, Benetton, Dom Perignon, Vialis, Barcelona Activa, Banc Sabadell, Pans & Co. …

Prominent ephemeral installations and exhibit designs are:
Espai Gaudí at La Pedrera,"Produce, Consume and Recycle", Gonzaga, La celeste Gallery and MSF Somalia…

Lagranja´s work has gained international recognition and national acclaim winning prestigious prizes like the Red Dot Award 2007, Premi Ciutat de Barcelona de Disseny 2008, Premio Via 2009, IIDA Excellence Award from the Internationa Interior Design Association-USA 2009.

In addition to their professional activity and as active members of the design community, lagranja members participate as jury in competitions, and teach at distinguished design schools such as Benetton´s creative research center FABRICA, Istituto universitario di arquitectura di Venecia, ELISAVA, EINA, and IED Barcelona.