Ramos-Bassols was founded in 2004 by David Ramos Tarrés (born in Terrassa, 1969) and Jordi Bassols Borrell (born in Barcelona , 1976). Initially, they started together with Gemma Bernal, G. Bernal & Associates, product developers, since 1998.

Having worked in design and product development for many years now, their briefs and the types of products have varied greatly: household furniture, objects (bespoke and off-the-peg), lighting and street furniture.

In addition, they are currently teaching at the Escuela Superior de Diseño Sabadell, ESDI.

Some of their client companies are: Alis, BSC, Concepta, Dab, Dae, Disenia, Do+Ce, Franch sillería, Hes Hazemeyer, Irabia, Montgatina, Sancal, Santa&Cole, Seyfor, Urbes 21, Vilagrasa, Vibia….

They have received many awards:

6 product of choice ADI-FAD.

First Prize at the Furniture Fair, Madrid 2002, for Norwegian armchair.

First Prize in the Design competition Manacor, 2005 for table Up&Down.

Accolade in the street furniture for traditional towns competition, Alaba 2005, Tempo series.

Designs for Concepta

Have designed for Concepta the Basket chair.